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An open source project by the University of British Columbia. The tapestry tool uses open access web based tools (Wordpress) to generate a web map that is viewable and editable by anyone. It can contain text, audio and video in nodes that link ideas together. It could be a very exciting way to produce a unit overview for a course, or an entire section of a class in a digital space.

A resource of examples that you can browse. These give you an idea how your teacher-librarian can assist you in your courses. If you have any more examples you would like to add, or you want to chat about possible ways the library and the teacher-librarian can assist you please come in anytime.

This is a fantastic tool for accessing age/developmental appropriate material that can be searched based on themes, and includes such themes as LGBTQ+, Mental Health, and Indigenous Peoples to name a few. If you find a book in this collection that is currently not in our school library, just submit a request HERE or ask the librarian.

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