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Tech Tools

Please see the librarian if you require assistance in discovering how these tech tools work or ideas around their implementation in your class.

An online streaming platform with a wide collection of films. It is searchable by genre and has a number of great collections including: LGBTQ+, Literary Adaptation, Biography, and more. No log-in is required while accessing via school tech on our network at school. A log in is available for off-site prep work. Please see Learning Commons Staff for access.

An online AI style program that allows for simple graphic design. It allows for multiple export files (.jpg, .png, .pdf, etc.) or you can print directly from the app. The app also has a large collection of clipart for use.

A free online digital storytelling tool. Elementari allows you to combine coding and storytelling into an interactive story. The website has lesson plans as well for teachers. The program is free and you can create a class of up to 30 students. It might be time consuming so be aware of this fact.

Flipgrid is a free video communication tool. It can be used for K-12 across all subjects and easily for remote learning. Students add videos to a topic that the teacher has set up, and all of the videos get posted in that topic. Students can view and comment on each other’s videos. They can either record anything (themselves, a project, others) or use the whiteboard.

Padlet is basically an online screen to share ideas.  Students are given a link (via QR code, email, google classroom, or through other means) that they simply click on and they are taken to the padlet to share their ideas. Students can read each other’s responses and can add to them (if you choose that setting).You can also find ways to use Padlet HERE.

Autodraw is a Google drawing program that uses AI to predict what sketches are going to be.  You can add shapes and text, free draw, and change or fill in color.  However, the main feature is that the program offers suggestions for simple clip art based on your sketches.

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